Quality Assurance

M-tec focus on delivering high specification aerospace and defence products alongside a wide range of consumable items suitable for a broader spectrum of customers where strict quality assurance is essential.
Regular inspections are carried out by BSI to ensure our very high standards are maintained and a continual improvement process is in place. Ensuring parts come with full supporting documentation and complete traceability is standard practice at M-tec.  

Quality Management Approval: BSI ISO9001:208

Account Management

M-tec pride themselves on the successful relationships with both customers and suppliers alike. These close relations ensure a flexible and efficient system of supply and support, individually tailored to help meet customers’ requirements and delivered by a dedicated, approachable Account Manager.

Customer Service

M-tec are committed to providing the highest quality of products alongside an equally matched level of customer service.
Our expertise and ISO approvals ensure high standards are delivered and maintained.  


M-tec can provide kitted parts to smooth not only the ordering and supply process but also to aid manufacturing and assembly line requirements. 

Packing & Labelling

M-tec are pleased to be able to offer a bespoke bar-coding labelling system, which can be set up to make your requirements exactly.
Where special packaging is required, M-tec are able to offer a wide range of bags and other wraps in a range of UV-proof, anti-static or metallised materials.

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